Kik - moluvzu

  • World: If someone hits you, you hit them back.
  • God: If someone hits you, turn the other cheek.
  • World: Your life is worthless.
  • God: Your life is everything to me.
  • World: Give into the desires and temptations you long for.
  • God: Let me chisel you into the original masterpiece I made you as.
  • World: Life is meaningless. Kill yourself.
  • God: Life is meaningful and full of wonderful mysteries from Me. Be patient just a little longer, I am coming soon.
  • World: Love is sex, money, and pleasures.
  • God: Love is defined by what My Son, what He did for You on that cross.
  • World: Give up.
  • God: Try it one more time my child. This time trust in Me and it will happen.
  • Mirror: you're ugly
  • Photos: you're ugly
  • Friends: you're ugly
  • Everyone: you're ugly
  • God: I created you in your own beautiful way. You're amazing and I love you no matter what.

What a long day! Finally I can rest and read my Bible!


Amen. God bless!

(Source: simplyheavenlyfood)